Roamin' Catholic Seniors

On the Road to Roamin’ Catholic Seniors

on August 14, 2014

Welcome to the first post of Roamin’ Catholic Seniors!Lois shoes walking700px

For most of the summer, this new blog has been a work in progress and it kept me on the move. While I didn’t exactly need running shoes, I kept my walking and driving shoes on, canvassing the diocese for insight and information to share.

Hopefully, the results will begin fulfilling a longstanding dream to explore, investigate, enjoy and fill readers in on a wide range of topics dear to the seasoned Catholic soul. Expect observations that run the gamut from the spiritual to the sacred to social concerns and helpful tips and hints gathered with your insights and suggestions.

This new blog had been evolving as a dream of mine for some time – sparked really in the ’90s when an insightful editor on the secular paper I worked at switched my assignment from a general beat to something he called“Senior Living.”

Back then, I didn’t take it as a compliment and immediately responded by returning my prematurely grey hair to its long-unnatural red state, replacing a pastel four-door sedan with a red hatchback and getting contact lenses.

It’s clear now that this editor – let’s call him “Barry” – must have had some form of second sight. It didn’t take long before becoming enamored of the new specialty and the people and topics I got to write about.

Central New Jersey was exploding with senior villages – rich then as now – with interesting residents: composers, artists, film people, Broadway performers, scientists – regular people with interesting hobbies, people who were secure economically and those who weren’t and often struggled to make do.

And they reflected an astonishing diversity. From city folks of all cultures re-acclimating to suburbia to descendants of the earliest settlers of the area, they were a goldmine of stories and insights, pertinent not only to their own age group but society in general.

They were a gift.

Though the “Senior Living Section” didn’t last that long, the experience was profound. I learned how to listen, really listen to the stories they told and how share them. I learned to appreciate so many people and came to think of them as “Living Treasures” – the honorific Japanese bestow on gifted elders.

Over the years, and throughout the more than a decade of work for The Monitor, I especially enjoyed writing stories focused on what the French would deliciously refer to as faithful “of a certain age.”

Edging closer to retirement, I began to draw up what some people might refer to as a“bucket list” of writing projects. In Catholic terms, I thought of it more as a creative litany. At the top of a list that includes a series of mystery novels and a return to writing movie reviews, was what turned out to be this new blog.

Envisioned as a wide ranging forum about and for us “living treasures,” look for it every Thursday.


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